Tuesday, September 30, 2008

eat your heart out nori rolls

inspiration from the i am grateful recipe book. last night i prepared nori rolls, my very first, using raw nori sheets - thank you julie from conscious choice in sydney - and making raw "rice". i was pleasantly surprised to find that, though it seems like they might require elaborate preparation, nori rolls are quite easy to make, and fun.

they look really sexy and were so filling we couldn't get through them all. i'll make these again. yummy.


  1. hiya helena!
    enjoying your blog, as always.
    just thought i'd let you know, gabriel cousens wrote in his rainbow cuisine book that even sprouted rice is not raw. i will find the exact quote for you when i can get ahold of my book.

  2. thank you. yes please to the quote from gabriel cousens. i have not tried sprouting rice, as i didn't think it would be raw. the "rice" i use in these nori rolls is actually a combination of pinenuts and grated parsnip with some garlic for flavouring. quite delicious and tastier - to my palate - than conventional rice. having grown up on rice, i never thought i would ever say that.