Thursday, August 7, 2008

reclaiming the suburbs :: permablitz activism

OK, so that makes it sound a little risque. but hey, why not. i've been largely absent from the scene since my first blitz a couple of months ago. so sad. but what with hopping between states on a monthly basis (not recommended in the interests of reducing this carbon footprint), i haven't been home for any recent blitzes. despite that, the permablitz movement carries on and is now celebrating it's 50th blitz. here's David Holmgren waxing lyrical on permablitzing. He describes it as a "force in reclaiming the suburbs". oh dear. visions of gumboot-clad gardeners on bicycles, balancing their spades and pitchforks on handlebars, heading out to Clayton, Noble Park and other places beyond the No. 8 tram terminus. But really, it is more like this. Photographic evidence shows that it is a lot of fun, and a nice way to meet people who share interests in growing things.