Wednesday, November 26, 2008

carmella's sunny raw kitchen

i've had a lot of friends ask about raw food recipes recently, and i am continually lending out my recipe books. i have a small stable of favourites, even though most often they serve to inspire me rather than being something i follow religiously.
so, here is a great blog - the Sunny Raw Kitchen - from a Canadian woman, carmella, who has posted some wonderful recipes and absolutely mouth-watering photos.
And for Amanda, who makes (i'm told) the most delicious vegan cakes in the Blue Mountains, here is a raw cake recipe for chocolate and cream charlotte. i haven't dared to make it yet, but it looks good.

Friday, November 14, 2008

my new hippo

yes, last month my faithful Champion juicer died. the engine seized. i doubt this has to do with the amount of juicing i do daily. the juicer was second-hand and i'm guessing, more than 20 years old. i give it credit for lasting as long as it did. it is sitting on the lounge room floor awaiting a decent farewell. will be putting it on freecycle shortly unless one of my friends would like to take it in and resuscitate it.
meanwhile i have purchased a fabulous new Hippocrates coldpress juicer by Greenpower. The Hippocrates is one of those twin gear dudes and is actually quite a lot more silent than the Champion. it is especially good at juicing leafy greens.
the trickiest part of owning this juicer is the cleaning. it's a lot of work, however given how much better the juice tastes, i believe it's worth it. there's barely any fibre in the juice. i used to strain the juice from the champion and get 1-2 tsp of pulp per litre from the straining. there is nothing to strain with this juice. it also stays fresher longer. when i juice i do at least 1 litre and then put whatever i don't drink in a glass bottle in the fridge. the juice from this juicer still tastes fantastic and fresh 12 hours later. very little oxidation.
be interested to hear readers' views and experiences as there's been a lot of discussion recently amongst members of our raw food group.

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