Thursday, June 12, 2008

heart stopping revival

I feel certain this sort of thing happens much more often than is reported. It fits within my understanding of the human mind-body-spirit be-ing. For this reason i have specifically asked that should my body be decreed physically and biologically dead, that it be treated with utmost respect and not disturbed for as long as is possible. Despite it being an ethical minefield, i am not prepared to donate my organs. Mind-body medicine has now proven that the brain is not the only seat of emotions and intellect in the body. Neurons exist in the locations of all major body organs. A heart, liver or kidney transplanted to another person is not just a transferral of biological material, but also a transplantation of the associated neuronal transmitters that contain emotional and genetic material from the donor being. I recall Thomas Moore's quizzical question: if you darn and re-darn an old sock until barely any of the original material exists, is that a new sock? In other words, what determines the true nature of something.

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