Sunday, June 1, 2008

my new worm farm

sometimes i wish i could think of better titles for my blog postings. however, this is how it is. i'm excited about my new worm farm. picked it up on wednesday night after attending the last seminar in the SLAH series. it's been an inspiring time (read my earlier posting). on wednesday i enjoyed meeting and talking to others who are as enthusiastic about their worms as i am. thank goodness i am not the only person in the world who talks to her worms!
so . . . today i unpacked the worm farm, soaked the coco-peat block, and liberated the wormies into their new home. this is worm farm #2 and long overdue as the first farm has been full for a few weeks now. i'm definitely a two-worm farm girl.
so, i've re-sited farm #1 to the back of the property under the lemon tree. the new farm is close to my front door for easy access. worm farm #1 is now boasting a second story. i'm sure i'll be able to put that vermicast to good use on the garden shortly.
How to set up a worm farm? there are many ways of doing this, but here is what i do.
  1. lay down some newspaper or cardboard on the bottom of the bin. this prevents stuff from falling through the holes in the bottom.
  2. then sprinkle a layer of cocopeat. this gives the wormies somewhere to live when they are not eating their way through food scraps and the like.
  3. put the worms in.
  4. cover them with a thick layer of damp newspaper, or a hessian sack. this serves a dual purpose. it keeps the worm home moist, and keeps the light out. worms don't have eyes, but they still don't like the light, and will run for cover when it's bright.
  5. from here on, all you need to do is feed them. the worms do the rest.

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