Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buy Local :: Farmers' Markets In Victoria

In Victoria we are blessed with one of the best networks of farmers' markets in the country. And in the past 12 months i have watched the number of organic growers . . . grow. So many more stalls with organic and biodynamic produce. It's a veritable feast. And i am talking fresh fruit and vegetables, including some heirloom and little known varieties. One of my favourites has to be the "Grandpa's Tomato". This is a local variety grown in the family for three generations. Not listed in a catalogue anywhere, it has quite a unique flavour and texture. Somewhere between a beefsteak and a roma in shape and texture.

And if you want to know when and where the farmers' markets are, this is the most comprehensive listing i have found online. It includes inner city and regional farmers markets. You'll also find more detail about the inner city markets on this site. And this is the home of the regional farmers markets for Victoria.

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