Wednesday, October 8, 2008

mail goggles

well, this is so pertinent, having just got off skype, talking to my dear friend paul. ahhh, relationships. the stuff the world is made of, in all it's splendour and brilliant colours. the folk at google have come up with a little gadget that aims to intercept human nature at it's most vulnerable. how often do you click the "send" button a nanosecond before you realise that you don't want to send that email. mail goggles is a way of automatically asking yourself "are you sure?" in that moment when you forget to do it.
i like it, but can't help feeling that perhaps this is one of those things that a google engineer thought of at 3am when maybe he'd have been better to wait until the morning and the cold sober light of day.
quite serendipitous, as part of our skype conversation made mention of the phenomenum of beer goggles. and paul explained how this could be stretched to take in the concept of hormonal goggles. that's when the conversation started to get interesting (off topic for this blog ;-)

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